Andy Cattigan (left) and Glenn Currie, of Waste King.

Customers choose to use Waste King – the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company – primarily because of its environmental friendliness in guaranteeing to recycle at least 85 per cent of all the waste that Waste King collects. In reality, the figure is now over 90 per cent.

A recent survey of Waste King’s customers rated the company’s environmental friendliness marginally ahead of its professionalism. Efficiency and overall value for money were other key reasons given for using Waste King’s services. Joint fourth on this list of characteristics were that the Waste King service is efficient and that its operatives are polite, friendly and helpful.

The survey was carried out at the end of 2011 and asked 50 Waste King customers, drawn from ‘private’ (as opposed to commercial) customers, to rate the characteristics that best described their experience of Waste King’s service.

Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, commented: “As a relatively young business – only some five years old – it’s encouraging that customers are already strongly associating our brand with environmental friendliness, professionalism, efficiency and value for money.”

Comment: Not only does ‘nobody expect the Spanish Inquisition’ – as Monty Python fans habitually remind us – but maybe nobody genuinely expects their corporate branding and company policies to be generally believed.

Waste King should be delighted that, within five years of starting up, its brand – and what it signifies – is both well-known and generally accepted.