Implementing Docebo’s Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), e-learning platform is bringing business benefits to the international freight forwarder with a global footprint, JAS Worldwide Management, Inc. (JAS).


Since JAS began using the Docebo learning management system (LMS) last year, around a third of JAS’s 3,700 employees in 80 countries around the world make regular use of the LMS. These employees – ranging from dock workers and warehouse operatives to the company’s President and CEO – are accessing learning materials relating to general IT knowledge and skills as well as those relating to sales-related and other proprietary business skills.


“There is, of course, a great deal more to learning – and delivering learning – than making cost savings and then keeping development and delivery costs to a minimum,” acknowledged Ken Kozlowski, JAS’s IT Training Director, who’s based in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA . “However, we’ve been impressed that, since implementing the Docebo LMS, the cost of delivering each individual piece of learning to any and every user is less than 20 US cents.


“Using the Docebo LMS makes things easier for the end users,” he added. “They have one place to go for their learning materials and, importantly, it’s allowed us to evaluate our end users’ knowledge of our products and services.”


Encouraged by this, JAS has now chosen to include, within the Docebo LMS, all the relevant online compliance training activities for the whole organization. Of particular note is that the LMS implements a re-training approach – allowing for course re-takes.


In this way, JAS is further increasing the number of users of its Docebo learning and compliancy delivery portal. Moreover, it further raises awareness, among all JAS employees worldwide, of the LMS, its contents, capacity and capabilities.


“As part of JAS’s Global One Initiative, which is standardizing our operating platform worldwide, we needed a central resource for all of our corresponding business process policies, documentation and training materials,” confirmed Tina DeFeo West, a Training Specialist at JAS.


In selecting the Docebo LMS, JAS’s key criterion was to find a simple, user-friendly, virtual place for its end users to access information and test their knowledge on various aspects of the freight forwarding business. Ken said: “Of all the systems that we investigated, Docebo’s was the simplest and easiest to set up that we found – yet it was still robust enough to grow with us.


“It provides a straightforward way to store and distribute learning materials – and then test our end users on these materials that relate to JAS’s processes, products and services. Financially, it makes sense as well since it’s extremely reasonably priced, compared with the four other potential solutions that we researched in depth. “


According to Tina: “Docebo’s LMS offers us almost unlimited potential to enhance our inventory of learning materials to include video, embrace SCORM and provide other rich format training offerings. This will help us keep our user audience engaged by providing a more interactive experience.


“The flexibility of the system is ideal for us – and it doesn’t require advanced web-developer knowledge to understand and use,” she added. “It enabled those of us who don’t have extensive technical backgrounds to implement the system quickly and with ease, adapting it to suit our business needs – and also expand it with simple yet efficient plug-and-play tools.


“Docebo has enabled JAS to create a central repository and resource for all of our training materials, documentation and policies; it’s helped standardize our approach to training globally, allowing consistent, controlled messaging, and it’s created a method and process by which JAS can assess and evaluate its employees’ skills, knowledge base and areas for improvement.”


Ken added: “The move has branded our training department, making it the ‘Go To’ place for job-related information – giving us, as a company, a one-stop shop for all our training/ learning materials.”


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