The eLearning Network (eLN) is advertising the first in a series of ‘exclusive webinars’ for full eLN members – on 2nd April – as ‘an hour with Jay Cross’, a man whom it describes as ‘one of the best known and most respected figures in the field of learning technologies’.


Comment: The thrust of the eLN’s advertising slogan is reminiscent of Punch magazine’s 1886 parody of Tennyson’s poetic style to lampoon the cricketer William Scotton. Scotton had scored only 34 in an opening stand of 170 with Dr WG Grace in the Oval Test against Australia and Punch published:

‘Block, block, block

At the foot of thy wicket, ah do!

But one hour of Grace or Walter Read

Were worth a week of you!


Let’s hope that, in 2nd April’s webinar, Cross is more in the ‘WG’ than the Scotton mould.