The 2010 Employer E-learning Benchmarking Survey, produced by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, an organisation which supports e-learning opportunities on behalf of the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Employment and Workplace relations, has reported that employers’ attitudes to e-learning are broadly consistent with the survey’s findings in previous years. The most significant findings are that around 75% to 85% of employers believe e-learning provides flexible training for employees (85%), is an efficient way for people to undertake training (75%), and increases people’s access to training (88%).


According to the survey:

  • Some 50% of Australian organisations use e-learning as part of structured or unstructured training they provide to their employees (up from 40% in 2009).
  • Some 60% of employers said that they expect their organisation’s use of e-learning to increase in the next two years (compared with 49% in 2009).
  • Some 85% of employers said that they would encourage their employees to use e-learning if it was available (compared with 81% in 2009).


The full report is available at: