Any impending visitor is enough to make anyone want to ‘tidy up a bit’ but, when that visitor is a member of the Royal Family, it’s an even more impelling reason to get rid of unsightly waste.


So, when HRH the Duchess of Cornwall was about to visit Medical Detection Dogs, a Milton Keynes-based charity which trains dogs to help people with life threatening health conditions, giving these people greater independence and a higher quality of life, the charity contacted Waste King to arrange for its operatives to collect some old, waste carpet tiles. According to Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company removed some eight yards of waste – including the carpet tiles – before the Duchess arrived to view the charity’s work.


A few days before visiting Milton Keynes, Waste King’s operatives – under contract to Two Four Studios, working on behalf of the ITV1 network – cleared the equivalent of six skip loads of waste as the ‘Splash!’ set was broken up. The TV show, hosted by Vernon Kay and Gabby Logan, saw Olympian Tom Daley teaching his sport to 15 celebrities, before they demonstrated their skills in a series of Saturday night live shows. With viewers voting for their favourites, the final saw Eddie, the Eagle, Edwards win in spectacular style.


Having worked with film and television companies since 2009, Waste King is adept at ensuring that the significant amounts of waste that are produced by this industry are disposed of in as ecologically and environmentally friendly a way as possible.


Waste King’s business ethos is to send the minimum amount of whatever it collects to landfill. It aims to reduce long term pollution to a minimum and thus help protect the environment for current and future generations. Currently, it guarantees to recycle – that is, not send to landfill – over 90 per cent of every load of waste it collects.


Waste King’s philosophy seems to be paying off – and attracting customers, especially businesses that want to demonstrate their ‘green’ credentials. Its turnover in its first year (2007) was under £100,000. By 2010, this had grown to £333,000 and, in 2012, it was £683,000. At a conservative estimate, turnover is set to more than double again by 2014 – to over £1.3m.


To meet this rise in demand from business customers, Waste King has significantly increased its provision of euro-bins and waste pods. These waste pods take up no more space than a car; can often be placed out of sight behind a hedge and are cheaper than a skip.


Waste can be segregated within these pods – so a customer using a waste pod can be demonstrably ‘greener’ by maximising the amount of waste materials that are recycled. Importantly, these containers are particularly helpful for customers wanting to get rid of such things as waste electrical equipment (WEEE), plasterboard and hazardous waste – which can be difficult to dispose of safely and legally via other means.