Selling more of your product more cost-effectively is a key goal of any producer and distributor. A new e-book aims to help learning management system (LMS) producers and vendors do just that.


The e-book – Build The Buzz On A Budget: How To Promote Your LMS Online And Boost Profits – offers guidance on identifying your market niche and your LMS’s most attractive selling points. It also sets out how to craft an effective sales pitch; create an accurate marketing budget; use content marketing to boost sales, and even how to get the best deal from promoting your LMS via a pay-per-click (PPC) software directory.


“The e-book also includes nine steps that’ll set you ahead of the competition without overloading your budget,” claims its author, Christopher Pappas, owner and founder of eLearning Industry.


He explained, “Getting your LMS platform in front of the right audience is the only way you’re going to make any sales. If the wrong people see it, the right ones won’t buy it. Innovative – digital – LMS marketing doesn’t just save you money, it makes you money too.


“In recent years, I’ve devoted much of my time to working with LMS vendors on their marketing strategies,” Pappas added. “This e-book, which contains the distilled results of my experience of LMS marketing, explains how to scale-up your business without having to spend a fortune.”


Among other things, the e-book contains:

  • Eight tips to help you identify your LMS’s market niche
  • Eight tips to help you identify why prospective buyers should choose your software over others on the market
  • Eight tips to produce the perfect LMS sales pitch
  • Seven LMS marketing pitfalls – and tips on how to avoid them
  • Six LMS marketing techniques to let the right people know about your LMS platform
  • How to use content marketing to boost LMS sales
  • Six ways in which SEO marketing can bring new business
  • Seven tips for promoting your LMS via social media
  • Seven creative ways to retain LMS clients
  • How to create an accurate LMS marketing budget – and ensure that the resources you allocate to bring in new business are only a small fraction of your annual profits.
  • Choosing the most appropriate LMS marketing strategy – notably affiliates, PPC and/or inbound marketing
  • Four tips on using Big Data to improve your LMS marketing strategy
  • Five tips to host live promotional events for your LMS
  • Five tips to market your LMS via a polished press release
  • Eight benefits of digital marketing – such as promoting your LMS via a PPC software directory


To download a free copy of the e-book, Build The Buzz On A Budget: How To Promote Your LMS Online And Boost Profits, visit: and/or


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