The ethical leadership communications specialist, CloudQast, has upgraded the features of its video-based learning platform.


According to CloudQast directors, Lindsey Mack and Damian Gaskin, these improvements include:

  • Administrators can now tell who has watched how much of each video on the system – so they can know if learners have really watched all of it. This can be useful information when it comes to compliance and regulatory training.
  • Users can watch all the videos on the system at the ‘correct’ speed, or at one-and-a-quarter and one-and-a-half speeds. This allows time-poor learners to ‘speed watch-and-learn’ – and to speed through familiar passages to get to the sections of the video they need to revise.
  • As is possible with videos on such platforms as YouTube, as CloudQast users scroll through a video, they can see thumbnail images – to enable them to find the desired section.
  • CloudQast users who’re required to watch a video but who leave the page – hoping to let it play in the background while appearing to fulfil this obligation – will find that the CloudQast platform pauses the video until they return to it.
  • CloudQast, one of the first producers to bring interactivity to modern learning videos, has a special solution to ensure that a user who selects a different language from the closed caption options also sees all the interactive menus in their chosen language – for a seamless user experience. One added benefit of this is that, culturally, it shows that a CloudQast client really values all their employees in different parts of the world.


Damian Gaskin (left) and Lindsey Mack, of ethical communications leadership specialists, CloudQast.

CloudQast’s Damian Gaskin explained, “In terms of interactivity, videos can have menus, chapters and hotspots linking to external urls or other parts of the same video.  The videos can be personalised to the viewer and can feature quizzes within the videos themselves.  Interaction with the video also generates advanced analytics.”


Damian continued, “The increasing demand for CloudQast’s video-based learning platform – with its growing ability to offer interactive video to aid the learning experience – is encouraging.


“This continuing growth in the platform’s usage – particularly over the past five months or so – makes easier the decision to ramp up investment in cutting edge techniques and features for the system.


“From CloudQast’s experience, learners – and the organisations that employ them – are showing an increasing preference for learning via video, often delivered to mobile devices.”


Damian Gaskin.