To support the UK Sepsis Trust, the new generation learning management system (LMS) producer, Create eLearning, is giving a copy of its platform to winners of its quarterly Prize Draws.


The platform that Create eLearning is donating includes a fully implemented e-learning solution and a custom-designed Oculus Rift training pack. The whole system is worth £25,000 but the winners receive all of this completely free of charge.


In return, these recipients are expected to donate between £5,000 and £25,000 to the Sepsis Trust. Mark Taggart, Create eLearning’s managing director, explained, “Ideally, we’d like to help raise £100,000 for charity in 2016 – as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment.


“The Sepsis Trust, in particular, does some important work – as has been highlighted recently – and it uses the Create eLearning platform in its training programmes,” said Mark. “Every penny donated to the Trust is valuable in helping them achieve their goals.”



Mark Taggart, of Create eLearning.


Every year in the UK there are 150,000 cases of sepsis, resulting in some 44,000 deaths – more than bowel, breast and colon cancer combined. In 2012, the UK Sepsis Trust (UKST) was established as a charity with the objective of saving 12,500 lives every year. It’s committed to changing the way the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) deals with sepsis, to increasing public awareness and supporting those affected by sepsis.


Create eLearning’s LMS is a hybrid platform that caters for coaching, mentoring, online and face-to-face training/ learning. Moreover, users can configure it to deliver learning materials anywhere in the world, in any language and on any delivery device.


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