The learning and development consultancy Explosive Learning Solutions (ELS) is conducting a contract liability programme for the Defence Academy of the UK.


One of the Academy’s range of business skills courses, and intended for Commercial Officers or their equivalents who are in posts that require the ability to review, analyse, negotiate or accept requests to limit a contractor’s liability on contracts, the course covers contractor’s liability and risk transfer issues.


ELS’s Head of Learning, Cath Convery, commented, “The programme covers the basic principles of commercial risk allocation, outlines contingent liability and the process to follow, explains generic and special risk indemnities as well as the evaluation of risk transfer.


“In particular, it outlines the likely costs – to the supplier and the customer – if any problems occur in fulfilling a contract. It also covers the issue of contract liability – in the event of a contractual risk occurring – and how to mitigate against incurring these costs.


“Consequently, the course content applies to all business sectors – not just the defence world,” she added.


Although relatively recently named ‘The Defence Academy of the UK’, the institution has a lengthy pedigree. It can trace its origins to 1772 when the Military Society was founded in Woolwich to provide training in ordnance, ballistics and explosives for the artillery, and ensure that military technology kept pace with the Industrial Revolution. It also includes the Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC), which began in 1799 with the creation of the Royal Military College.


Part of the UK’s Ministry of Defence, The Defence Academy develops the intellectual edge needed for success on operations and leadership in government. Its portfolio of long and short courses covers leadership, strategy, science & technology, and business skills.