A thorough analysis of 582 of the world’s leading learning management systems (LMSs) has identified the top performing 50. Published by E-Learning 24/7 – which not only publishes a regularly updated list of the top LMSs but also a list of the top rapid content authoring tools (comprising some 168 vendors) – and the work of  the internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss, the current top ten LMSs in the world are:

1.         ExpertusOne

2.         Growth Engineering

3.         Blackboard

4.         Instructure

5.         eLogic Learning

6.         IMC-Clix

7.         Docebo

8.         Biz Library

9.         Meridian Global

10.       CM Group LTD


In addition, this latest report on the state of the learning management system (LMS) industry includes perceptive comments on LMS market trends and forces, as well as developing trends in LMS features. Craig Weiss also presents a continent-by-continent analysis of the LMS market.


According to Craig, the LMS industry is stronger than it has been in the past with new systems appearing and, in many cases, with modern interfaces, beneficial features and useful components. Key issues over the next year will include the likely degree of influence of business intelligence, built-in customer relationship management (CRM) and Big Data on LMSs.


His market analysis concludes that e-learning is ‘on the rise in Africa’; ‘moving towards adoptability’ in some countries in Asia while, in others, it is already there, and ‘strong’ in Australasia and Europe. The LMS market in South America is still driven by governments, followed by those in education rather than the corporate world but, speaking about the North America market, Craig commented: “If you can make it in the United States, you are well on your way – it’s all about the ‘verticals’.”

Craig Weiss.


Craig who, earlier this month, was named as the second most influential person in the world for corporate e-learning, envisages the LMS market growing to include some 630 systems by the end of the year. He also foresees growth potential for the market this year particularly in the Asia-Pacific and South America regions.


“The non-availability of high quality support is still the main reason why clients abandon their LMS,” said Craig. “On the other side of the equation, vendors are increasingly tempting buyers by bundling courses with the LMS at no extra charge.”


Craig believes that coping with video and gamification will be the two key LMS issues of 2014. He added: “In terms of its lifecycle, the LMS market is on the border of ‘growth’ and ‘maturity’.”


The LMS State of Industry 2014 report explains the criteria against which each of the 582 LMSs were judged. Of these, the top 100 LMSs were reduced to 50, each of which receive a brief synopsis including, where applicable, their ‘pluses’ and ‘minuses’.


“This process is made more complex by the fact any two LMSs differ only by some ten per cent, on average, in terms of their features,” commented Craig.


“ExpertusOne has now achieved the number one ranking two years in a row. This is because it has everything, from ‘on/off synch’ and gamification to a modern and crisp user interface to strong support.”


Copies of the LMS State of Industry 2014 report are available from E-Learning 24/7, price $899.