Training and digital learning consultancy Hewlett Rand is making its mark in Hong Kong having secured a contract with the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB).


The Bristol based consultancy has developed a new e-learning strategy for the organisation which is now being rolled out to all its members.


Richard Lowe, Director of Training and Digital Learning, said, “HKIB are responsible for the professional development of Bankers in the region and we’ve developed a digital learning strategy to support their member’s professional development as well as expand their online capability to a global banking community.


Richard Lowe, of Hewlett Rand.


“The first stage has been to help them source and launch their e-learning portal with over 500 financial services courses. The next phase is to evolve their digital learning offering with production capabilities to distribute a richer variety on media content.


“This contract provides a great introduction to the financial services market in Hong Kong and, as we now have a local representative, we’re well placed to see what other training and digital learning opportunities we can support.”


Hewlett Rand’s journey to export was given a boost by the support offered by the Department of International Trade (DIT) and its Exporting is Great campaign, a Government initiative to consolidate the export support available to businesses.


Richard said, “Working with DIT and taking part in a number of its trade missions helped us gain a better understanding of the China market. They’ve been vital allies in our effort to gain traction in the market, providing valuable information and support here and in Hong Kong.”


Richard is keen to encourage other businesses to take the plunge into export, but is quick to point out that their success has not happened overnight.


He said, “Starting to think on a global scale requires commitment and a significant investment of time, energy and resource. It’s really worth taking the time to identify not only the best market for your business but also which particular skills and services will work best for export.


“I took part in several missions to mainland China and Hong Kong and carried out extensive research before concluding that Hong Kong was the best place to focus our efforts. It then took time to make the right contacts and build relationships before we finally secured our first contract.”


Hewlett Rand has benefited from membership of the Bristol and West of England China Bureau, which was established in 1998 to help businesses in the region foster a closer relationship with China.


Richard continued: “I’ve been a member of the Bristol and West of England China Bureau for several years. It provides a great deal of local know how and connections to China.


“It brings together all those interested in making links with China, providing an opportunity to network with other local exporters and share knowledge, experience and contacts.  The Bureau has built up extremely strong links with key regions in China, particularly Guangdong Province, which is helping to stimulate trade flows between the UK and China.”


Hewlett Rand continues to focus on developing its UK and export opportunities supporting businesses with training and digital learning needs to develop multi-site organisations and due to launch its bespoke video training production service in November.


Heidi Cheung, DIT Education and Training adviser, DIT said, “We’re delighted to see Hewlett Rand’s hard work come to fruition. Its commitment to its export strategy is extremely impressive – and Richard’s willingness to travel regularly between the UK and Hong Kong to build trusted client relationships is a vital ingredient in Hewlett Rand’s success so far.  We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Hewlett Rand in the next stage of the company’s export journey.”


The Department for International Trade is responsible for promoting British trade across the world and ensuring the UK takes advantage of the huge opportunities open to UK businesses. The department is a new, specialised body with significant new trade negotiating capacity, specifically designed to drive forward trade and investment policy. Exporting is GREAT partners with major UK businesses, to enable companies to seize thousands of current export opportunities available around the world. At, UK businesses can search and apply for opportunities, access expert advice, trade services, training and events.