Docebo has announced a strategic partnership with Ideo Factory that enhances its position in North Africa and other key growing markets.


The new partnership is expected to spark new opportunities in the e-learning market by combining the solutions offered by Docebo with the competencies, skills and knowledge of Ideo Factory in North Africa, while driving volume and efficiency in the partners’ respective business objectives.


The partnership is a strong strategic fit, making use of these two leading companies’ respective strengths, across three main areas:

1. The Docebo fully-featured e-learning ecosystem: a scalable ecosystem solution, designed to be delivered via SaaS, comprising features, modules and apps that can be adapted to any requirement.

2. An easy-to-use learning management system (LMS), localised in over 30 languages, which allows mid-sized to large organisations to deliver and track web-based training (WBT), instructor-led training (ILT), and blended learning activities.

3.  Ideo Factory’s expertise: in the past ten years, the company has been a major player in the e-learning scene and works with world-leading companies – notably with Cegos, Europe’s leading training company.


Ideo has also helped many Moroccan and international companies, as well as government agencies, to produce bespoke e-learning modules on a variety of business and cultural organisational issues.


Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO and founder, said: “We’re impressed with Ideo Factory’s competencies and product knowledge. They’ve shown us commendable commitment, organisational skills and professionalism throughout the entire on-boarding process.

Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.


“This collaboration will allow us to expand our operations in North Africa. We’re looking forward to supporting the team to better promote our Cloud solutions locally.”


Oussama Esmili, CEO of Ideo Factory, added: “The 20th century e-learning culture, which consisted of distributing logins and passwords to company staff and letting them learn on their own, has been proven to have limitations in Morocco. Today, all companies are aware of the need to implement change management in their training offers, bank on sound training engineering and, most importantly, provide support for their trainees.


“With Docebo’s SaaS platform, we can offer a solution that’s based on an innovative technology, unparalleled social learning tools and an extremely reasonable pricing model.


“At Ideo, we believe in the potential of the Docebo LMS to bring a great benefit not only to the Moroccan market but also to the Maghreb and French-speaking Africa. Hopefully, our joint offers will help many companies and government offices access e-learning and, thus, bridge the digital gap with western countries.”


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