Docebo, makers of the Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), e-learning platform, along with iLearn Group, the Israel-based interactive learning solutions provider, have signed a partnership agreement.


Among other things, this will help Docebo establish a strong presence in the learning technologies market in Israel since iLearn Group, which designs and deploys interactive e-learning projects for clients across a wide range of industry sectors, is based in Ra’anana, Israel.


Commenting on this new partnership, Saul Jacobs, the group’s Managing Director, said: “It’s the missing piece that training professionals have been asking for. We’re excited to bring this game-changer to Israel.


“As a result of this new partnership, any client organization can host and manage its learning in a professional, scalable and affordable learning management system (LMS). With Docebo’s Cloud-based SaaS solution, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) no longer have to surrender their limited budgets to the current overpriced and bloated options on offer.


“Docebo combines ease-of-use with enterprise grade features at a fraction of the traditional cost,” he added. “The pricing model means that it’s an incredibly affordable solution for both large global organizations and also for the SME market.”


The partnership enables Docebo to leverage iLearn’s skills and competencies to offer comprehensive training and support plans, establishing learning solutions that drive organizational performance. In turn, iLearn benefits from the partnership by having access to a robust, extendable and easy-to-use LMS which  manages, delivers and tracks web-based training (WBT) as well as instructor-led training (ILT) activities.


This capability from Docebo is scalable, so it applies to the largest global organizations. It is also localized in the sense of being available in over 30 languages, including Hebrew.


Claudio Erba, the CEO and Founder of Docebo, commented: “Partnering with iLearn Group represents a key milestone for Docebo. While it’s a crucial part of Docebo’s mission to expand its operations, this move also enables organizations in Israel to experience the benefits of a Cloud-based LMS.”