The Docebo Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS) is playing a key part in helping the cloud-based accounting software producer, FreshBooks, to keep its business growing.


Ritva Nosov, Senior Manager, Talent Development, at FreshBooks – a company whose product is currently used in some 120 countries – explained, “We’re currently experiencing high growth. This means we’re bringing in a lot of people but we also want to retain the talent we already have.


“Thankfully, the Docebo LMS is helping us to optimize our employee engagement. So, while the Docebo LMS is helping us to meet this internal need it’s also helping FreshBooks to achieve its strategic goals.”


Ritva added, “We chose Docebo because it seems to be taking a similar business path to one we’ve been taking – and that resonated with us.”


Alessio Artuffo, COO at Docebo NA Inc., commented, “There are certainly similarities between Docebo and FreshBooks – for example, in terms of company growth and the part played by the Cloud in that development. In other words, these are two high-growth, modern companies – partnering as they share the same vision.”


“We gained a really great first impression of Docebo as a supplier,” Ritva said. “Its customer service team responded brilliantly whenever we reached out with questions, even in the exploratory phase.


“There was an immediate turnaround – and that helped build and cement a genuine relationship. That made a huge difference for us – as well as discovering what we could get for our investment in terms of the LMS features that met our needs.”


Docebo's Alessio Artuffo.


Now serving as a central repository for all FreshBooks’ learning and development (L&D) materials, the LMS soon met one of FreshBooks’ key business needs in that its presence has raised awareness among the company’s workers of the L&D materials that are available to them.


“FreshBooks new has a really good month-long on-boarding program,” added Ritva. “We immediately migrated it over to Brain Food – our in-house name for the Docebo LMS – and so every new employee spends a month getting well-versed on our company, with the help of the Docebo LMS.


“That makes a huge difference to us – and it’s made things that we offer, like internal as well as external learning events, easier for administrative purposes. In addition, there are now more people volunteering to do some of these events because it’s easier to organize through the Docebo LMS than it was before – thanks to the standardization that the system has brought about.”


In order to meet FreshBooks’ particular business needs, the company has worked with Docebo to customize the LMS – notably incorporating new, specific aspects of gamification. FreshBooks plans to use gamification as a competitive incentive across the company, between departments and/or individuals.


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