Docebo, the global e-learning solutions provider, has announced the release of Docebo LMS 6.2 version, which can now handle the learning needs of up to 20,000 users. The e-learning platform has been enhanced with a number of new features and a pricing plan tailored for large enterprises making it a cost-effective investment that leverages the benefits and flexibility of a pure SaaS.

As part of Docebo’s employee-centred learning vision, the Docebo 6.2 version comes with key enhancements such as the Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) which gives organisations an unprecedented opportunity to access a package of applications. Activating the Enterprise Cloud Solution App brings the LMS to another level – the Isolated Cloud allows the LMS to run as a separate instance on a single-tenant infrastructure which translates as improved flexibility and performance. The ECS App comprises Gold or Platinum Help Desk Support, E-Commerce, Custom Domain, White-labelling. More improvements with the Docebo 6.2 update also include the ILT-Classroom App, which allows easy management of ILT and blended training activities so that trainers can easily organise Courses and Sessions, Classrooms, Locations, Enrolments, Assessments and Evaluations.


“Today’s workforce needs knowledge, skills and abilities that are aligned with business objectives, while managers need to track the effectiveness of learning programmes,” said Claudio Erba, the CEO and founder of Docebo. “With our new product version and pricing plan, we aim to transform the LMS into a ‘must have’ tool – like a CRM. Our approach helps re-humanize business processes through e-learning as companies become more people-centric. That’s why, for mid-sized and large enterprises, we’ve made available the Enterprise Cloud Solution which runs the LMS on an Isolated Cloud single-tenant instance, and gives access to a package of Apps. Our ILT-Classroom app enables a superior service delivery and cost-effective investment while leveraging the benefits and flexibility of a pure SaaS Solution.”

Claudio Erba, of Docebo.


Online corporate training programmes will benefit from an integrated E-Learning ecosystem designed to adapt to businesses as their needs and requirements evolve. With flexible solutions designed to support any learning strategy, the Docebo Learning Management System supports the entire learning programme cycle through developing business critical skills, removing complexity and enabling the delivery of training programmes by ensuring a global outreach to local content.


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