Docebo, the Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS) provider, is unveiling the latest version of its LMS – version 6.6 – at this year’s ATD Conference and Exhibition.



Taking place at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Florida, in the USA, from May 17 to 20, ATD 2015 comprises both an exhibition (Docebo is to be found at Booth #441) and a conference. The annual event attracts some 10,500 visitors, some 2,200 of whom are based outside the USA.


Docebo’s new version of its LMS includes:

  • An enhanced multi-domain app, which manages multiple clients with unique domains from a single LMS, making the Docebo LMS a ‘multi-domain, multi-branding, multi-layout’ solution. The enhancement – of particular relevance to Extended Enterprise (EE) customers – improves the user experience as well as providing automatic setup for domain configuration and http(s) addresses for the various domains.
  • An expansion of the LMS’s popular widgets feature, makes it possible to have multiple configurations saved and assigned to different user groups, such as managers, administrators and learners, to create a unique and personalized learning experience.
  • A training and re-certification app which allows administrators to create training certifications that validate users’ skill levels for various topics.
    • A module that enables administrators to store test questions in a question bank for re-use across multiple assessments/evaluations. This allows for single-sourcing questions among multiple tests via internal links to questions – and, once a question is updated, its changes are propagated automatically without the need to edit every assessment, including that question.

Join Docebo at ATD 2015

If you would like a preview of Docebo LMS version 6.6, please join Docebo at ATD Booth #441. To set up a meeting for a live demo, please go to:


To try Docebo 6.6 for yourself, visit: