Docebo’s SaaS-based e-learning platform rises one place to sixth in Craig Weiss’ LMS world rankings


Naples, Italy, July 16, 2014, An independent review of 600 learning management systems (LMSs) by the internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss and published by E-Learning 24/7, has ranked Docebo’s LMS in sixth position.


The previous report in this series ranked Docebo’s LMS in seventh position in the world – so the Docebo SaaS-based e-learning platform has risen one place in the rankings in six months.


The Report – ‘Mid-Year LMS Rankings – Top 50 Report’- is intended for those looking for a new learning management system (LMS) or who’re researching in preparation for buying their organization’s first LMS.


According to Craig Weiss – who, earlier this year, was named as the second most influential person in the world for corporate e-learning – all LMS features, capabilities and service are important but some components are crucial in today’s market. These include user interface; support and service; features; unique selling proposition; speed of innovation; adoptability and adaptability, and consumer feedback.


Commenting on Docebo’s rise up the rankings, Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO, said: “I believe it’s important to provide appropriate technologies and tools to create and sustain today’s changing corporate culture with its changing ways of working and learning. This means encouraging social collaboration across geographical and cultural boundaries within an organization.


“These are all things that the Docebo LMS offers – and that’s one of the reasons why more than 650 organizations around the world are now using the Docebo LMS,” he added.


Claudio Erba, of Docebo.


“Many of these client organizations are large, global companies – such as Sealed Air, Autodesk and Accenture. They’re using the Docebo LMS to co-ordinate the learning of many thousands of learners belonging to different cultures and living in different time zones.”


Docebo’s LMS supports social learning, via blog and gamification apps, along with a selection of social widgets. It also supports synchronous and asynchronous learning – via Tin Can (xAPI), video lessons and videoconferencing apps – along with instructor-led training, via a classroom app.


The LMS can be used as a class management tool and can cope with blended learning via a combination of various apps and widgets.


“The Docebo LMS helps make learning engaging, increases knowledge retention, and hence, application,” said Alessio Artuffo, Docebo’s Chief Operating Officer in North America. “It connects people to knowledge, knowledge to people and people-to-people. Its easily applied technology helps remove the barriers to humanizing workplace learning.”


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