An e-book, from learning management system (LMS) producers, Create eLearning, outlines how an LMS can help organisations achieve their goals via their people.


According to Mark Taggart, the chief executive of Create eLearning, “Used responsibly, an LMS will help you establish a corporate unity, ensuring that all employees are on the same page in terms of learning and education concerning their job responsibilities, corporate training and development.


“It can boost worker motivation and confidence, as well as help reduce the travel and subsistence costs associated with ‘training’ by moving an amount of learning online,” he continued. “This can add to flexibility at work – and  a study by Boston College has revealed that flexibility has a positive impact on employee retention, thus reducing the costs associated with staff recruitment and selection.


Mark Taggart, of Create eLearning.


“Moreover, every worker wants to advance his or her career – and numerous studies show that there’s a direct correlation between employee development opportunities and staff turnover rate,” he said. “An LMS – which makes learning materials easily accessible – provides each worker with the chance to improve the specific knowledge and skills needed to do just that.


If employers aren’t investing in proper training, they aren’t investing in their workers – which is the worst thing they can do,” added Mark. “Implementing an LMS can help change all that – because it can to create convenient, fun, interactive, engaging and social learning materials that prove that top management cares about its workers and their careers.”


All of these ideas – and more – are explored in Create eLearning’s e-book on using an LMS, which is available from the company’s website.