There are rumours that Trainer1, the north London-based producer and supplier of e-learning products has taken on Alan Samuel as its Director of Client Solutions. Until the end of October last year, Samuel was in charge of the UK operations for the e-learning content producer, Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), which is part of the India-based conglomerate, the Tata Group. For some months, TIS has been rethinking its role and presence in the UK’s e-learning industry and should soon be announcing that Will Pritchard, formerly of Third Force, is taking over as head of its UK operations.


Meanwhile, PIXELearning (PIXEL), a specialist in business simulations and games-based learning in the e-learning marketplace, has been acquired by Milamber Investments in a cash and share deal. PIXEL provides custom-built as well as off-the-shelf games and immersive learning services to blue chip customers, business schools and colleges.


Investors in PIXEL include regional venture capital fund Advantage West Midlands and loan fund Advantage Transition Bridge Fund. Both, along with others, will become shareholders in Milamber Group. Andy Hasoon, CEO of Milamber Group, joins the PIXEL board, while Richard Smith remains CEO of PIXEL and will continue to spearhead the growth of the company.


Headquartered in the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University’s Technology Park, PIXEL’s recent work includes the creation of a new recruit induction programme for KPMG and an online game for HP to help employees understand good practices for data security. Its published client list includes 3M, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Shell, Comcast, and CocaCola.


Comment: New starts are always exciting, motivating and, at times, successful – and, anyway, it will be good to see Alan Samuel active once again in the UK’s e-learning sector.