Having listed on the Australian National Stock Exchange (NSX) [ticker symbol: ETG], the leading global education enterprise, EdTrIn, has acquired and merged with FinPa Australia to become EdTrIn Australia.


This move marks the first stage of EdTrIn’s growth and implementation strategy. The FinPa acquisition provides EdTrIn with a ‘state-of-the-art’ learning technology platform and an immediate asset base of AUS$2.5m with annual revenue flows of some AUS$1m for 2014. FinPa currently provides education and training services to over 50 Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia.


Damian O’Sullivan, FinPa’s Managing Director who has now joined the EdTrIn Board, commented: “FinPa Australia is excited to announce its acquisition by EdTrIn Global. This is a natural evolution of our platform offering after validation in the Australian market.


“Our scalable cloud technology is a self-perpetuating market place – so, if you have our learning and publishing system you can create another, fully branded instance of the system – that facilitates a real time, transparent exchange between educators and publishers of education content. Combining exceptionally credentialed, highly experienced, senior educators throughout Asia, with our state of the art, proven infrastructure will allow the FinPa platform to realise its true potential as a global education provider.“


Graeme Coomber, EdTrIn’s Chairman and CEO, said: “The acquisition of FinPa Australia provides the EdTrIn Group with a world-class technology infrastructure to reach millions of customers worldwide and provide them with the ability to manage their careers as well as the education and training content to support their aspirations.”


Graeme Coomber, EdTrIn's CEO.


The EdTrIn platform can deliver any type of learning content but, initially, it will focus on the vocational and short certificate market as well as clearly defined verticals that are, at present, untapped.


As part of this emphasis, EdTrIn is establishing a Corporate Academy business unit that will concentrate on turnkey solutions for large enterprises such as Health, Food Sciences, Government, Telecoms, Broadcast and Retail & Fashion. The Corporate Academy business will provide us with the leverage for EdTrIn to deliver assured growth, and the ability to build high barriers to entry.


In addition, as part the first stages of its expansion, EdTrIn has agreed with the State Government of Victoria to locate its Education development operations in Melbourne, Australia, and create 100 jobs within its first three years of operation. The company’s Market and Sales Operations will be located in Singapore, with further regional support offices targeted for Hong Kong, Beijing, New Delhi and Dubai in 2015.