EDTRIN, the publicly listed platform for online education (NSX: ETG), has signed a non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding with Jenison, the UK-based publisher of off-the-shelf online learning resources, learning management tools and rapid content authoring.



The agreement focuses on the companies establishing a partnership agreement for the delivery of global e-learning systems.


Among other opportunities, the agreement means that Jenison will license EDTRIN and its content production partners to use Jenison’s Perform authoring tool for the development of bespoke digital learning content.


Steve Soper, Jenison’s CEO, observed: “EDTRIN is set to shake up the global digital learning market place.


“Jenison supports the EDTRIN mission, is excited to be part of it and looks forward to working with EDTRIN in what promises to be a successful and prosperous partnership for both companies.”


Graeme Coomber, EDTRIN’s CEO, commented: “EDTRIN is delighted to be partnering with one of the leading providers of online learning resources along with intuitive and cost-efficient course authoring tools for the rapid production of e-learning content. This collaboration will play an important part in EDTRIN’s strategy to provide next generation education, training and innovation solutions for students, businesses and Governments.”


Graeme Coomber, Global CEO of EDTRIN.