EdTrIn, the publicly listed provider of lifelong education and training services to global markets (NSX: ETG), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with OCB Media, which provides e-learning production services, content authoring tools and content delivery platforms.


UK-based OCB Media specialises in providing learning and training solutions for the health and medical industry.


Under the terms of the agreement with EdTrIn, it will collaborate in the areas of consultancy and business development, focusing on education, training and innovation. It will also cooperate with EdTrIn in the development and delivery of health and medical related education along with training delivery systems to global markets.


Graeme Coomber, EdTrIn’s CEO, commented: “This agreement signifies our intention to collaborate with OCB Media in our global delivery of e-learning systems.


“In particular, we hope to deliver health and medical-related education and training programs to customers in global markets; establish health and medical education and training infrastructures and logistics, and develop health and medical-related e-learning courseware.”


Graeme Coomber, CEO of EdTrIn.


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