With an educational mission to evolve knowledge and facilitate the lifelong transfer of valuable know-how to everyone in the world, EdTrIn (NSX: ETG) announces its acquisition of ProjectProject Pty Ltd.


Global CEO of Edtrin, Graeme Coomber, speaking from Kuala Lumpar, said: “We consider the inclusion of ProjectProject in the EdTrIn group as vital to the short and long-term implementation of our global vision. It’ll be a central cog in our global brains trust.


“The company is genuinely innovative and uniquely different in its offer. It brings the best of business, brand development and integrated communications strategy together with the most cutting-edge mobile technology development in an end-to-end, in-house model.


“Better yet, the company is driven by a passion for purpose. There’s a rich and valuable vein of social responsibility that runs through all its people and business focus.


“The synergy between our companies was soon obvious and it brings us immediate executional outcomes. We’ll achieve fast commercial progress – and do it with a fully aligned team and culture.”


Founder and Creative Director of ProjectProject, Chris Gillard, expressed similar sentiments around the union.


“EdTrIn and ProjectProject share aligned philosophies,” he said. “ProjectProject believes that commercial viability and positive social impact don’t have to be mutually exclusive goals.


“In fact, the combination is a real differentiator and competitive advantage for business, so we’ve always looked for partnerships that meet both those objectives.


“And EdTrIn was simply the ultimate partnership for us. We can now do so much more for more people with our combined business values, networks, and capabilities.


“EdTrIn provides us with a global stage from which to evolve knowledge itself. Personally, I’m particularly keen to help progress the positive disruption of the world’s age-old linear approach to education: that model is totally ‘Old School’.


“Together we’re now a powerful force for charged commercial growth as well as social good.”


The EdTrIn merger with ProjectProject Pty Ltd comes on the tails of EdTrIn’s acquisition of Finpa Australia Pty Ltd and marks another milestone in the company’s recent establishment of their operational headquarters in Melbourne – its entree to target markets in Asia including China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Mayanmar.