EDTRIN, the publicly listed platform for online education (NSX: ETG), has appointed Brian Styles as CEO of EDTRIN in Australia.


Brian Styles, now CEO of EDTRIN Australia.


With 25 years’ experience in the recruitment sector alone, Brian Styles is one of Australia’s most seasoned industry executives. In addition to a broad business and professional understanding that spans numerous industries, Brian’s foresight in business acquisition and brokering relationships is credited as more than tripling Programmed Integrated Workforce’s revenue.


The global CEO of EDTRIN, Graeme Coomber, described Brian’s appointment to the position of CEO in Australia as another leap forward in the fast development of EDTRIN as a genuinely global and disruptive educational and career management company.


“With our global market and focus, what’s crucial for us right now is the attraction and retention of the very best people in our team,” said Graeme. “With Brian Styles as Australian CEO, we not only have a hugely experienced and connected individual at the helm of our Australian operations but we also have an excellent strategic thinker with a wealth of knowledge to bring to markets and to assist in leveraging EDTRIN opportunities globally.”


EDTRIN Group directors anticipate the optimisation of all systems, structures, resources and networks of EDTRIN Australian operations by 30th June 2015.


EDTRIN, whose name derives from the convergence of Education, Training and Innovation, is developing an integrated physical / digital education ecosystem designed to assist lifelong personal advancement for individuals through timely, personally relevant educational resources and ongoing career management. Its solution has been designed to provide solutions for students, businesses and governments. The company is developing and delivering more effective training and learning outcomes through smart technology and a better understanding of industry knowledge needs and capability gaps. The process is to continuously refine and innovate educational resources and delivery mechanisms that have business and consumer relevance in today’s rapidly evolving commercial and social landscape.


EDTRIN is run by a management team comprising senior former UNESCO executives, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and experienced education professionals who, between them, have built six online universities and have over 90 years’ experience in delivering disruptive change in the industry.