EDTRIN Group Ltd (EDTRIN), has signed an agreement with Australian Registered Training Organisation, ENTAMIO Corporate Services Pty Ltd (Entamio) for the provision of student recruitment, support and training products.


Entamio is registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver vocational education and training services. Entamio is a core division of parent company, TAM Enterprises Australia Ltd, an enterprise providing financial solutions, corporate networking and brokerage services as well as training and education.


The core aspects of the EDTRIN and Entamio agreement include:

1. Entamio will enrol students into personally relevant training products (courses) and provide prompt training.

2. Entamio will maintain records of enrolments to ensure EDTRIN group revenues due are accurately calculated.

3. EDTRIN will source and recruit students appropriate for courses offered by Entamio.

4. EDTRIN will promote Entamio training products to prospective students.

5. EDTRIN will support prospective students in the initial enrolment process and provide additional student support services at its discretion.


Entamio CEO, Joanne Brooks commented: “Our business is currently experiencing an exciting growth phase but we want to ensure that growth is sustainable. We’re aligning with companies which are as passionate as we are, and whose growth prospects mirror ours. EDTRIN and Entamio have both worked extensively with the Finpa learning management system and its management team. This agreement provides greater opportunity for our students to experience learning and enable their future.”


Damian O’Sullivan, now Chief Education Officer for EDTRIN also commented, saying, “EDTRIN is always looking for positive student outcomes and similar values in its partnerships, which is why we we’re happy to align our brand with Entamio. Aside from that, there is clear mutual financial benefit in this agreement that both parties will look to extract.”


Course types offered by Entamio to students introduced by EDTRIN include Business, Leadership and Management, Hospitality and Project Management and span Certificate and Diploma level qualifications. Pricing for courses varies and ranges between $4000 for a Certificate level course, up to $19,000 for a Diploma.


EDTRIN has recently signed agreements with Torque Recruitment Group and QPL Group, providing EDTRIN with an initial combined database of approximately 550,000 candidates.