EDTRIN Group Ltd (NSX: ETG), the listed global educational innovator, will begin ‘London Learning Week’ with a prestigious event at the Australian High Commission in London, from 2pm to 4pm on 15th June.


The EDTRIN event is followed by the Learning Technologies Summer Forum, held at London’s Olympia on 16th June and Edtech Europe, an event for venture capitalists and other investors with an interest in the online learning technologies sector. Organised by IBIS Capital and located in Kings Place, London on the 18th June, Edtech Europe involves significant players from the European and global education technology communities. The forum will explore trends, opportunities and issues surrounding the e-learning industry.


Global CEO of EDTRIN, Graeme Coomber commented: “EDTRIN is delighted to help set the scene for this week, which brings to London key players at all levels in the online learning technologies field. EDTRIN is looking at new paradigms and opening markets, particularly Asia, in order to make the best education materials available to help people around the world.


Graeme Coomber, Global CEO of EDTRIN.


“We’re an educator – but ultimately we’re about how an individual gets a job, keeps a job and gets their next job. And the developing markets can certainly do with some help in this area.


“We act as a reliable bridge between Western style education and its successful delivery to international markets,” Graeme continued. “As a component of our mission to manage an individual’s lifelong learning journey, we translate, contextualise and localise content in the most efficient and effective way.


“So, during the week, we’ll be here to talk to education and training content providers, including universities and colleges, corporate training organisations and professional associations, showing them how to work with EDTRIN and our platform to deliver their products and services internationally, especially developing Asian markets where we’re very well placed.


“It’s no wonder our business model is attracting interest from the Edtech investment community, as well as various governments and their agencies around the world.


“Recent estimates suggest that the global education market is worth some US$7 trillion a year. It’s the largest industry in the world but so much of this money is currently invested in aged infrastructures.”


The EDTRIN event at Australia House will host presentations from a range of industry experts, including:


  • Graeme Coomber, Global CEO of EDTRIN


  • Craig Weiss, the internationally recognised corporate online learning industry analyst


  • Chris Butt, Founder and CEO of Cognisess, a company dedicated to emotional intelligence measurement


  • David Patterson, Principal of the UK-based Learning Light which helps organisations to improve business performance via learning technologies


  • Saaeda Ahmed, Director of Trescom Research, an organisation focused on regenerating communities and increasing social inclusion through life skills development and innovative job readiness training


The EDTRIN event in Australia House will also mark the official launch of the Company of Thought, an international think tank whose mandate is to report and comment on trends within the corporate online learning technologies industry worldwide.