EDTRIN, the NSX-listed global educational innovator, has signed an agreement with the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) to provide localised, contextualised, curated educational content to ASAIHL members via the EDTRIN Learning Management System.

Under the agreement ASAIHL members will assist EDTRIN with:

  1. The sourcing and development of learning support centres for the delivery of blended learning solutions to the target markets
  2. E-learning content development with an emphasis put on cultural sensitivities that apply to the different ASAIHL members, while marketing EDTRIN, its products and services to members.


ASAIHL was founded in 1956 as a non-governmental organisation, at a meeting in Bangkok of the heads of eight state universities in Southeast Asia. It has now grown to 200 member institutions in 24 countries.


The Association exists as a network hub to develop members by facilitating relationships, distributing relevant information and highlighting collaboration opportunities, such as the development of cooperative arrangements on specific projects and initiatives.


After the deal was signed in Bangkok, Thailand, the Secretary General of ASEAIHL, Dr Ninnat Olanvoravuth, commented on the importance of the union with EDTRIN, saying, “The future of institutional education relies on the smart application of technology coupled with high value, locally relevant educational content. Our agreement with EDTRIN satisfies these needs and is an important step towards new and effective educational models for our members.


“I encourage all ASAIHL members to connect with EDTRIN to leverage this partnership and unlock its great value.”


Global CEO of EDTRIN, Graeme Coomber also commented, saying, “This agreement is an important development for EDTRIN in a number of respects – most importantly in the respect that the ASAIHL provides us with the potential to secure nearly 200 blended learning hubs throughout the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, the agreement will ultimately hold genuine value for the reputation of graduates, as well as reflect positively on the ASAIHL member universities that work with us.


“Ultimately EDTRIN will be helping to build the reputation of each participating university as an institution of choice through new or improved educational content and systems, leading to strengthened graduate employability. It will reflect positively on the future successes of ASAIHL members’ alumni.”


Pointing to EDTRIN’s focus on real world outcomes for individuals, Mr Coomber added, “EDTRIN and ASAIHL will actually be undertaking important economy building work here. Our alliance unlocks potential for stronger capacity in the region, which in turn helps ensure sustainable growth.”

Graeme Coomber, EDTRIN's global CEO.