EDTRIN has entered an agreement with IBB International Ltd to provide funds management services.


IBB has secured US$5m in investment funding to improve EDTRIN’s capital position, underpinning operational growth and EDTRIN’s anticipated fundraising activities for its upcoming listing in Frankfurt Stock Exchange. IBB attracted investment by Anametrics Holdings Ltd (D&B risk rated company – with US$20bn in assets) through its subsidiary One Anametrics Intertrade Limited.


The US$5m in funds has been received by the company in advance of the issue of new Shares at AU$1.00 each calculated as at 30th June 2015, being 6,470,500 new Shares, which will be issued as CDIs. The issue of the Shares will be the subject of a resolution to be put to shareholders at the annual general meeting later this year.


Anametrics’ Chief Executive, Low Chun Keong, commented, “Anametrics is very excited about the future of EDTRIN and are very pleased to announce this arrangement which will permit EDTRIN to work towards its business objectives.”


Graeme Coomber, CEO of EDTRIN, added, “We very much welcome this wonderful vote of confidence in EDTRIN by Anametrics. It is very indicative of the strong support and interest that we are seeing from the market.


“Anametrics support will play a vital role in assisting EDTRIN’s mission in providing our customers with learning and training support for life.”


Graeme Coomber, Global CEO of EDTRIN.