EDTRIN has entered into an agreement with the Environment and Population Research Center Ltd (EPRC) of Dhaka, Bangladesh, to provide vocational and certificate level education and training in the country.


EPRC is a multi-disciplinary research, education, training and networking non-government non-profit organization with a vision to redress sufferings of the poor through appropriate management/development of water, hygiene, wastes, sanitation, agriculture, forestry, energy, food, disaster risks, education, health, micro credit and social scopes in local, regional and global levels.


Under the agreement, EDTRIN and EPRC will:

  1. Deliver blended vocational and certificate level education and training to Bangladesh
  2. Deliver English Language programs
  3. Expand each other’s Student Acquisition platform to the country of Bangladesh
  4. Commit to raise Economic capabilities of Bangladeshis through the use of educational and training programs.


EDTRIN and EPRC are committed to providing education and training solutions to thousands of Bangladeshis to improve their job skill standards and to raise the economic well-being of the country.


Professor Bilqis Amin Hoque, Managing Director and CEO of EPRC commented, “EPRC is very excited about working with EDTRIN to explore new ways of bringing real economic change to our country. Together we hope to help thousands of people skill and income levels.”


Graeme Coomber, CEO of EDTRIN, added, “We very much welcome this incredible partnership with EPRC. With EPRC’s knowledge of the Bangladeshi market and EDTRIN’s vision for managing an individual’s lifelong learning journey, we hope to bring a positive impact to the people of Bangladesh.”


Graeme Coomber, Global CEO of EDTRIN.