EDTRIN Group Pty Ltd and Entamico Enterprises have signed an agreement to partner in the delivery of education and training services to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Pacific markets.


The agreement will add significant value to each business as well as provide leverage and resources to development new markets.  In order to tightly align their relationship and objectives, each company has taken an equity stake of 1m (1,000,000) Shares/CDIs in each other’s organizations.


The partnership will strengthen the core focus of each organization on content development, platform enhancement and student advocacy in the delivery of quality vocational education. Entamico’s education arm – Entamio – and EDTRIN’s Australia operations will effectively work as one organization from 1st November 2015.


Joanne Brooks, the CEO and Director of Entamico as well as being the Director of Entamio, said, “I’m delighted to have finalized a partnership agreement with EDTRIN Group Limited. This partnership will provide a perfect blend of systems, people and products that hasn’t been seen in the market to date.”


Entamico Enterprises Limited sees this partnership as one that will solidify its position in the Australian and New Zealand market as well as provide overseas opportunities much sooner that initially planned. The like-minded team at EDTRIN Group Limited share the values of Entamico, which will prove to ensure this partnership is successful and enable both companies to succeed in the market place.


Expressing similar sentiments to those of the Entamico CEO, Graeme Coomber, CEO of the EDTRIN Group, commented, “EDTRIN is thrilled with this new partnership with Entamico Enterprises. Not only will this strategic alignment place the partnership as one of the dominant players in the vocational market in Australia but it will also provide a solid base for expansion in Asia Pacific markets.


“The education and training sectors are undergoing significant disruptive changes and I’m confident that EDTRIN and Entamico are going to be at the forefront of bringing beneficial change to individuals seeking greater value and relevance from the learning process.”


Graeme Coomber, Global CEO of EDTRIN.