Elliott Masie, the corporate e-learning guru, has regained the number one place in the world in this sector, according to the eighth annual list of corporate eLearning’s movers and shakers.

Elliott Masie.

The top 100 movers and shakers in the corporate online learning technologies (eLearning) sector in 2017 are split into four sections of 25 names each, named respectively The Elite, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

This year’s top ten names among ‘The Elite’ are:

1.     Elliott Masie – head of The MASIE Center, a New York think tank focused on how organizations can support learning and knowledge within the workforce. (Position on last year’s World list: 2)

2.     Rebecca Stromeyerowner of ICWE, which runs Online Educa as well as E-Learning Africa, ‘bringing best thinking together’. (Position last year: 7)

Rebecca Stromeyer.

3.     Laura Overton – an international speaker, and managing director of Towards Maturity. (Position last year: 3)

Laura Overton.

4.     Christopher Pappas – founder of the eLearning Industry Network. (Position last year: 4)

5.     Harold Jarche – the Canada-based ‘thought catalyst’, writer and blogger and champion of ‘learning how to learn’. (Position last year: 5)

6.     Donald Clark – a long-established speaker and commentator on e-learning, now profiling artificial intelligence (AI).

7.     Jane Hart – a workplace learning and collaboration advisor, writer and international speaker who’s active on social media. Founder of C4LPT, she has also founded The Centre for Modern Workplace Learning – and Modern Workplace Learning magazine..

8.     Charles Jennings – a Senior Director with the Internet Time Alliance, a writer, speaker and thought leader, championing the “70:20:10” framework.

9.     Sunder Ramachandran – the Mumbai-based Head of Training at Pfizer whose articles have appeared in many publications. Also a speaker and blogger. (Position last year: 9)

10.  Roger Schank – president and CEO of Socratic Arts and a long-established thought leader in this sector.


The ‘Premier’ list is headed by Nigel Paine (an eminent writer, speaker and broadcaster (on Learning Now TV) on e-learning and related subjects); Jonathan Satchell (CEO of Learning Technologies Group plc (LEO Learning), the only AIM-listed company focused on consolidating the fast growing but fragmented learning technologies sector), and Linda Steedman (an e-learning and e-assessment consultant, and chairwoman of eCom Scotland and eCom USA).

Heading up the ‘Gold’ section of the list are: Mike McGann (eLearning Superman at the e-learning content producer, Learning Heroes); David Patterson (a director of market analysts Learning Light and the E-Learning Centre, as well as a Founding Principal of the international e-learning think tank, The Company of Thought) and An Coppens (a gamification, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) specialist, speaker, consultant and commentator who is chief game changer at Gamification Nation).

The ‘Silver’ section is led by Genny Dixon (head of research at the industry benchmarking specialist, Towards Maturity); Pierre Touzeau (growth hacker at 360learning.com, the Paris-based fast-growing digital learning platform provider) and Asi DeGani (digital learning manager at AXA Insurance but also heavily involved in Learn Appeal, the e-learning industry charity that’s making a difference to learning, especially in Africa).

The 2016 lists contained just 39 names in total, 26 of whom were men. This year’s – more comprehensive – list contains the names of 68 men and 32 women.

The chairman of the List’s judges, the writer and commentator, Bob Little, said, “I’m deeply grateful for all the help I’ve received from the corporate online learning specialists around the world who’ve used their extensive knowledge and expertise to help compile this Movers and Shakers’ List.

“I’m also grateful for the help and encouragement that we’ve received from the List’s sponsor this year, the eLearning Industry Network. Without this help and encouragement, the List could not have been produced this year.”

An article amplifying the list and some of the issues raised by this list is available at https://elearningindustry.com/2017-corporate-elearning-movers-and-shakers-list-some-thoughts

Those named on this year’s list can claim a logo – to put on their website, LinkedIn profile and so on – from the chairman of the judges, Bob Little.

The 2017 Corporate eLearning Movers and Shakers List was initially published on https://elearningindustry.com/press-releases