Engage in Learning, the e-learning supplier, has followed the well-honoured tradition of offering ten predictions for the e-learning sector in 2019.


Published and amplified on the company’s website, the predictions are:

  1. The key ‘elephant in the room’ issue, from a UK- and EU-perspective, is Brexit – and the positive and/or negative effects it will have on learning and development (L&D) activities.
  2. There will be lots of investment money looking for a home in the online learning sector around the world.
  3. Adaptive learning will mature – and will be a pre-cursor to the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) in learning.
  4. Where AI is concerned, watch for smart vendors of online learning materials and systems integrating with the technology giants.
  5. Those catering for the learner experience (LxP or LEP) market will continue to make lots of noise.
  6. Many LMSs will integrate with other parts of the corporate technology stack, especially in the new and fast-emerging financial technology (Fintech) market.
  7. The trend towards greater consolidation in the online learning sector, begun over the last few years, will continue.
  8. The long-running xAPI saga will continue.
  9. Several new platforms focused on augmented reality (AR) and/or adaptive learning will emerge.
  10. Despite these market changes, little of the ‘fabric’ of the corporate online learning industry will change. Compliance and regulatory online learning materials will continue to comprise some 80 per cent of all online learning activities – and, thus, will continue to be the major justification for the industry’s existence.


Kate Carter, Engage in Learning’s Operations and Marketing Manager, commented, “These predictions – complied by the industry commentator, Bob Little and published on the Engage in Learning blog – are not only based on personal observations and deductions but also on views expressed by a straw poll of industry specialists and practitioners.


“Looking into the next 12 months, there seems to be a continuing need for high quality e-learning materials, especially relating to compliance and regulatory online learning requirements.


“Engage in Learning already has plans to augment its already extensive portfolio in this field. It will have the first few of these new courses available on stand H05 at the Learning Technologies event in London’s Excel, on 13th and 14th February 2019.


“So, as we move towards the holiday season, it’s time to wish a ‘Happy and Prosperous 2019’ to all learning and development professionals – and to all learners – whoever and wherever they are!”


For further details about Engage in Learning’s growing portfolio of e-learning materials, visit: https://www.engageinlearning.com/