The e-learning supplier, Engage in Learning has produced a version of its successful General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) course that is intended for all USA-based organisations that deal with European data.


“Like the UK version of these e-learning materials, the course is highly interactive with easy-to-use bite-sized modules,” said Engage in Learning’s Marketing Manager, Kate Carter.


“Learner engagement is kept high through the course’s quizzes and virtual scenarios. These scenarios include a person’s journey to work, which asks learners to identify when that person’s personal data may be captured.


“The use of male and female ‘US voices’ makes the course more familiar to a North American audience – and this is also designed to keep learner engagement at high levels,” she added.


Introduced throughout the European Union (EU) in May 2018, GDPR aims to protect individuals’ personal information and is the world’s strongest data protection rules to date. It affects how organisations handle their customers’ information and boosts the rights of individuals, giving them more control over the data that is held concerning them.


Engage in Learning’s Managing Director, Chris Horseman, said, “Our original GDPR e-learning course, which is available in various languages, has proved especially popular with organisations in the financial services, IT and retail industries. It’s become one of our most popular e-learning courses – with, among other things, our customers using it as a key part of their regular onboarding programs.


“We recently introduced a ‘GDPR Essentials’ course and that, too, is proving popular. This course, which is designed as an introduction to the GDPR, includes, among other things, information on data incidents and breaches.


“Our portfolio of GDPR e-learning products is intended for anyone working in, or for, organisations that handle individuals’ personal data in the EU,” Horseman continued.


“The courses explore the need for personal data protection, outline the important highlights of the GDPR, identify key definitions related to the GDPR, and discuss aspects of personal data including biometric, online and geolocation identifiers.


“The courses also describe special category personal data; summarise key processing activities; outline the key principles of the GPDR – as well as how to recognise and report possible personal data incidents and breaches. Learners are also shown how to respond to a ‘subject access request’, and the consequences of non-compliance with the GDPR are explained.”


Kate Carter added, “As US-based firms continue to develop their operations within Europe, they’ll need access to this sort of learning material if they’re to ensure their workers remain GDPR compliant.


“Following our debut as an exhibitor at this year’s ATD event, held at the end of May in Washington DC, we’re discovering that US-based learning and development professionals welcome the speed control, language options and the ‘themes’ options available on all Engage in Learning products.”


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