Technology now exists which can ‘ingest’ learning content in any format, allow all the authors to edit it, re-purpose and format it for different delivery methods and then deliver that learning.


The technology is designed for fast-paced organizations needing to produce hi-volume, professional and consistent learning output. The aim is to produce high quality, error-free learning content rapidly – thus producing cost savings as well as achieving the organization’s learning objectives.


Its maker – the digital learning content management business solution provider, eXact learning solutions – believes that this will enable novice users, including subject matter experts (SMEs), can now use the same platform, templates and tools when collaborating with instructional designers.


Gianluca Rolandelli, eXact learning solutions’ Professional Services Manager, explained: “This is a fully blended learning approach – allowing the input, indexing, and storing of learning content, along with enabling that content to be distributed in a variety of forms for effective learning delivery. Its XML-based technology enables cost-effective, large scale, repeatable content production projects – and the system can deliver learning content to any standard-based learning management system (LMS), learning record store (LRS) and, indeed, other business systems too.”


Gianluca Rolandelli, of eXact learning solutions.


According to Valerio Torda, eXact learning solutions’ CEO, “This technology supports instantaneous, seamless, organization-wide collaboration for learning content creation – helping to maximize our clients’ investments in learning to help them achieve their business goals. And, being based on XML technology, the system supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004, IMS and xAPI standards, allowing for single-source, multiple-output publishing scenarios.”


Valerio Torda.


To help explain this technology to users and potential users – especially those using PowerPoint to generate learning materials – eXact learning solutions is staging a webinar on 25th March.


Federico Dondero, of eXact learning solutions, sympathized: “Managing collaborative authoring processes can be both challenging and frustrating. It involves asking to SMEs to circulate the last reviewed PowerPoint, managing comments and notes made by several stakeholders, taking time in copying and pasting slides and texts – or in editing the wrong content version – and then duplicating or re-creating learning materials through several courses.”


Federico Dondero.


Federico added that the webinar – called ‘From PPT ingestion to mobile delivery: moving to the future’ – will explain how those using the eXact learning LCMS can:

  • Get the system to ingest PowerPoint slides automatically
  • Edit and repurpose these learning materials, adding interactive items
  • Re-use and version each individual content chunk
  • Distribute the content via a wide range of delivery media, including mobile devices


Anyone wanting to know the secrets of this latest technology can attend the webinar, being held on Wednesday 25th March at 17.00 to 17.45 CET (16.00 – 16.45 GMT, 12.00 – 12.45 EDT and 09.00 – 09.45 PDT).  To register for this event, visit: