The digital learning content management business solution provider, eXact learning solutions, has revealed a number of refinements to its learning content management system (LCMS) and its constituent suite of products.


The announcement – along with the announcement of the company’s updated website – was made at a User Group conference, held in London, involving its customers based in the British Isles.


The company’s Professional Services Manager, Gianluca Rolandelli, explained: “These new refinements mean that subject matter experts as well as novice users who know little about authoring tools can collaborate with instructional designers, using the same platform, templates, collaboration tools and so on. It’s intended to produce high quality, error-free learning content rapidly, thus producing cost savings as well as achieving the organization’s learning objectives.


Gianluca Rolandelli, of eXact learning solutions.


“Customers can benefit from a fully blended learning approach – allowing the input, indexing, and storing of learning content, along with enabling that content to be distributed in a variety of forms for effective learning delivery,” he added. “Its XML-based technology enables cost-effective, large scale, repeatable content production projects – and the system can deliver learning content to any standard-based learning management system (LMS), learning record store (LRS) and, indeed, other business systems too. In particular, among other things, in terms of xAPI (Tin Can API) support, we’re increasing the integration between the exact learning LCMS, the HM content model and LRSs.”


Valerio Torda, eXact learning solutions’ CEO, commented: “eXact learning LCMS supports instantaneous, seamless, organization-wide collaboration for learning content creation – helping to maximize our clients’ investments in learning to help them achieve their business goals. Furthermore, being based on XML technology, our system is designed for extensive reusability of ‘content chunks’ – and it supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004, IMS and xAPI standards. This allows single-source, multiple-output publishing scenarios.”


Valerio Torda, CEO of eXact learning solutions.


At the User Group meeting, six of eXact learning solutions’ customers presented case studies of how the eXact learning LCMS is being used. The case studies covered a variety of industries and showed the system being used to meet a number of learning needs.


According to Valerio, further User Group conferences are being planned – both for users in the British Isles and for those in the rest of the world.