Users of the eXact learning solutions’ suite of digital learning content management business solutions met in Rome recently. There, they discussed the latest product features and gained an insight into forthcoming advances in the eXact learning solutions’ suite of products: eXact learning LCMS, eXact learning Packager and eXact learning Mobile.


For the first time in its 15 years’ experience of the learning content management system (LCMS) market, eXact learning solutions expects its annual turnover in 2014/15 to show a 100 percent increase over the previous year’s figure.  Moreover, the company’s healthy state of sales also reflects its significant on-going investment in product development.


Among eXact learning solutions’ recent innovations – including opening an office in Washington DC to service its growing market in North America and launching new versions of its suite of products – is its launch, in July, of the eXact learning club. Intended for users of its suite of products, the club provides a means of direct communication to enable the eXact learning solutions’ products’ developers to gain valuable user feedback.


Indeed, Gianluca Rolandelli, eXact learning solutions’ Professional Services Manager, commented that this feedback had already led to refinements in the latest versions of the eXact learning suite of products. In addition, club members will have privileged access to tutorials, guides, “how-to” videos, news and case studies related to the eXact learning suite of products.


Gianluca Rolandelli, of eXact learning solutions.


The latest LCMS version – known as ‘M14’ – incorporates, among other things, greater general GUI configurability.


When it comes to authoring learning materials, the eXact learning Packager tool – along with the Online Editor embedded in the LCMS M14 – includes a new, unified text editor for all eXact authoring environments. This includes a spell checker, Formula syntax support and the ability to copy and paste text from Word documents.


In addition, with the new version of the XML-based templates library, ‘HM2.5’, not only can any xAPI-based statement be tracked on any pre-configured learning record system (LRS) but authors can now edit text directly in the unified, unique, “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor – rather than, as previously, via a pop-up window.


The third part of the eXact learning solutions’ suite of products – eXact learning Mobile – makes an LMS platform portable on mobile devices.


It consists of two “building blocks” – eXact Mobile Server (EMS) as well as brand new mobile applications for iOS and Android-based devices. Integrated with the eXact learning LCMS, eXact learning Mobile can also be used, as an independent tool, with other systems.


With this new generation app, users can download their learning materials to their mobile devices and work on them offline wherever they are, thanks to – among other things – tracking data and a synchronization process that enables automatic alignment between client apps and the LMS that hosts learner’s performance data.


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