Bob Little has been asked to help promote the findings of the latest ‘Corporate Learning Pulse’ survey of senior leaders around the world. This year’s survey is about to take place and its findings are due to be published in the summer.


The survey is being carried out by the Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance (FT| IE CLA). The FT | IE CLA was formed in 2015, in response to growing calls for more flexible, practical, relevant and timely corporate education.


Last year, the The FT | IE CLA, in partnership with Research Now, conducted an online survey for its initial Corporate Learning Pulse among 603 senior leaders in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordics, Spain and the United Kingdom. The resulting report can be downloaded via the ‘Corporate Learning Pulse’ website.


In the survey, senior managers are asked for their views on the impact of their investment in the people working in their organisations. Hiring new talent, updating IT systems, well-being programmes and other investments are compared, alongside executive development and corporate learning, in an assessment of their positive impact on business outcomes.


Last year’s report showed that, while there is a clear belief in the value of corporate learning, the results also reveal a deficit in its ability to have measurable impact on business performance and the bottom line.


Bob Little commented, “I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the 2017 survey. It will be interesting to see where opinions differ from last year – and in what areas they remain the same.


“I’m sure the survey will offer valuable insights into the views of the world’s business leaders which should inform the thinking of political leaders as well as L&D professionals who’ll be supplying the business leaders’ organisational learning needs. Anyway, ‘watch this space’, as they say.”