Asked – at the European user group conference for Plateau Systems’ talent management software, held in Rome at the end of March – what are today’s hot learning technologies, three of the UK’s top e-learning experts answered:

  • Clive Shepherd:
    • Mobile
    • Apps rather than websites
    • Self-study learning statistics should be available to show a learner what other people have thought about what s/he is learning. E-learning seems to be stuck in the 1980s. We need to re-model tools away from merely ‘tell and test’.
  • Donald H Taylor:
    • Webinars. These have been around for several years but they are now part of today’s business culture, so everyone now knows how to take part in a webinar. So the culture is there; the technology is there and no one has the money for other types of learning delivery!
  • Nigel Paine:
    • iPads
    • Evernote, which helps to structure where you keep your information.


To these, Paul Sparta, CEO of Plateau Systems, added: “A way to cross the formal/informal learning boundary. So, if you find anything anywhere, you can capture it – moving it from the formal learning world to the informal learning world.”


Comment: This is what the experts think. What ‘hot’ learning technologies would you identify? Please let us know by writing to