Housing Technology, a UK-based technology information service for the housing sector, has launched Housing Technology On Demand, a streaming platform for the sector.

For over a decade, Housing Technology has been delivering information and knowledge through various channels, including their annual conference, magazine, reports and events. This new venture provides housing professionals in the sector with innovative insights and developments from leading technologists and strategists through a new medium.

On Demand is a hub for training and learning about the latest technology in housing. It features exclusive content including demos, discussions, case studies, interviews, and event replays. Housing professionals can access the platform to learn about topics such as in-house versus third party software development; housing maintenance and fire safety using the internet of things (IoT), and tenant communication using artificial intelligence (AI)-based virtual assistants. So, whether it’s for on-screen training or CPD, this new streaming technology ticks the boxes of modern learning.

Housing Technology’s CEO, George Grant, co-founded the company in 2007 and hosts their annual conference which is the leading and longest-running IT event in social housing. The launch of the platform was born out of both the impact of the pandemic on the conference and the recent online approach taken for their latest executive conference.

This annual Housing Technology conference took place back in March when Housing TV was first broadcast live from their TV studio to over 450 housing professionals who tuned in to over 30 presentations. Musician Midge Ure opened the conference with an inspiring keynote and then Lord John Bird, founder of The Big Issue, took part in a discussion about the future of house building and the global housing gap.

All the presentations from the conference are now available on the On Demand training / CPD platform and cover areas such as the IoT, AI, housing management systems, business innovation and digital transformation from leading housing providers and tech companies such as Microsoft, Sophos and MRI Software.

On Demand membership is free for housing and related training providers. There are other packages available which include the conference recordings. Housing Technology has also developed an On Demand app which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Find out more about Housing Technology On Demand here.


Links to further information:

On Demand website https://ondemand.housing-technology.com/

Housing Technology website https://www.housing-technology.com/

On Demand app (App Store) https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/housing-tech/id1560708761

On Demand app (Google Play) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.uscreen.housingtechnologyondemand