A thorough analysis of 642 of the world’s leading learning management systems (LMSs) has identified the top performing 50.


Published by E-Learning 24/7 – which not only publishes a regularly updated list of the top LMSs but also a list of the top rapid content authoring tools – the report is the work of the internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss. Craig was recently named in an independently produced industry list as the most influential person in the world for corporate e-learning – having been the runner-up in 2014.


Independent analyst, Craig Weiss.


This latest Report on the state of the learning management system (LMS) industry includes industry specialist comments on LMS market trends and forces, along with developing trends in LMS features.  In particular, it sets out:

  • The Top 50 LMS Rankings
  • Detailed Profiles of 44 LMSs, including information on setup fees, pricing models, 2015 roadmaps, implementation, support and training
  • The Top three LMSs by Vertical
  • The Top three LMSs by internal (employees) – Small business, SMB, Mid-Size, Large
  • The Top three LMSs for Social Media
  • The Top three LMSs for Gamification
  • The Top three LMSs for Mobile
  • The Top three Next Generation LMSs
  • The Top three Multi-Tenant (Extended Enterprise) LMSs
  • The Top three business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) LMSs
  • The latest LMS RFP Template by Craig Weiss
  • An Executive Summary and Key Takeaways


According to Craig, the LMS industry has grown in the last 12 months – from 582 suppliers in 2014 to 642 suppliers currently. He identifies the current trends in the LMS world as including:

  • Gamification, despite many systems currently limiting its use,
  • The growing need for modern user interfaces – notably with the move towards greater personalisation of the learning experience.


He believes that user interface; support and service; speed of innovation; adoptability and adaptability, as well as acting upon consumer feedback are now key components of a world-leading LMS.


Copies of the LMS State of Industry 2015 report are available from E-Learning 24/7, price $599.