Knowledge management specialist, Intuition, is benefitting from using eXact learning solutions’ learning content management system (LCMS) to maintain and update its library of online content materials.


In the first 18 months after implementing the LCMS, Intuition’s team of subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructional designers – whose output serves a global audience of over 2m users – had built some 1,400 separate learning objects.


“Using the eXact learning LCMS has made our team more productive,” said Intuition’s Head of Advisory Services, Brian O’Malley. “In 1999, it took us one day to build one screen of learning content. By 2010 – before implementing the LCMS – we were able to build between 15 and 25 screens of learning content a day.


“Since adopting the LCMS and its related tools, it takes our team just five hours to build 50 screens of ‘all-new content’ from storyboard. Consider also that this content is output for a broad range of PC, tablet, and smartphone devices; it’s clear that the efficiency gains are compelling.”


This eXact learning solutions’ system allows for rapid content development through collaboration between SMEs and courseware designers, regardless of their location or specialization. Furthermore, being based on XML technology, the eXact learning LCMS is intended to facilitate the reusability of content chunks. It supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004, IMS, and xAPI (TinCan) standards – allowing for single source, multiple output publishing.


“Our technological innovations allow enterprises to improve their organizational performance and achieve significant reductions in business costs,” said eXact learning solutions’ international sales manager, Federico Dondero. “These empowered organizations can produce and manage standard, interoperable, and reusable learning content that can be delivered on various platforms and output peripherals, such as via the web or by means of mobile devices.”


Federico Dondero, of eXact learning solutions.


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