The network-based media and publishing company, eLearning Industry, has revealed eight key questions that all buyers of extended enterprise learning management systems (LMSs) need to have answered satisfactorily to help them through the selection process.


Christopher Pappas, the owner and founder of eLearning Industry, said, “As a result of our customers telling us about their experiences in buying extended enterprise LMSs, we’ve been able to identify the eight key issues that must be addressed if one of these systems is to be successfully deployed in an organisation. The resulting article aims to help readers determine which extended enterprise LMS that is right for them, evaluate their options, and invest wisely.”


The extended enterprise LMS has been developed because of the interconnection in today’s marketplace. Many organisations have built up an extended network of customers, vendors, suppliers, investors, external partners, and local communities.


“Training this extended enterprise network on your organisation’s products, services and values is important in today’s competitive environment,” explained Christopher Pappas.


“If you’re unsure whether you need an extended enterprise LMS or merely a ‘standard’ LMS, you could take advantage of our article on ‘What Is A Learning Management System? LMS Basic Functions And Features You Must Know’.”

According to eLearning industry’s research, the eight crucial issues to address before you decide to proceed with extended enterprise online training are:

  1. What are the benefits of training my extended enterprise network?

Extended enterprise online training helps cement relationships between your organisation and its external partners by clarifying goals and expectations, as well as giving both parties the opportunity to get to know each other – building a relationship of loyalty and trust.

  1. Is extended enterprise online training affordable?

Extended enterprise online training is an investment that should produce synergy across the network and spread brand awareness producing added value for your products and services.

  1. How much customisation does an extended enterprise LMS need?

Extended enterprise online training must always be connected with your brand’s name. Your colours, slogans, logo, and company name should be all over the extended enterprise LMS you use.

  1. Should the LMS vendor provide security and support services?

Since an extended enterprise LMS is, by default, supposed to grant access to multiple users from all around the globe, security is key. Always test the support services offered by the LMS vendor during the LMS trial period – and try to foresee not only potential requirements of your remote learners, such as offline access and localisation issues but also any limitations your remote learners are likely to face, such as authentication issues and secure access.

  1. What type of reporting should I expect from an extended enterprise LMS?

LMS reports offer insight as to whether your online training course and your external partners are heading in the right direction. They also provide information about what your audience has learned from the extended enterprise online training. LMS reports should range from the simple – such as learner participation, performance scores, course completion and user satisfaction rates – to the more advanced, such as certification tracking.

  1. Do I need IT and programming knowledge to successfully implement an extensive enterprise LMS?

LMS vendors realise that most companies lack specialised personnel to successfully implement an extended enterprise LMS platform. So they facilitate the implementation process for their clients and provide IT staff and online support services in every step of the implementation process. However, depending on the vendor’s pricing policy, this service may be charged for an extra fee.

  1. How do I achieve learner engagement with an extended enterprise LMS?

Smart design and witty branding are essential. So, buyers must search for an extended enterprise LMS that is easily customisable, user-friendly and device-responsive. Your external partners should be able to familiarise themselves with the learning environment and engage with your online training content without any technical obstacles on their way.

  1. Do I need an extended enterprise LMS with eCommerce features?

This depends on whether you plan to offer extended enterprise online training for free or for a fee. Unless you plan to offer extended enterprise online training to your eternal partners for free, you should select an extended enterprise LMS with eCommerce features, such as a shopping cart, and an online payment gateway for credit card payments.


To further help those looking for an extended enterprise LMS, eLearning industry has compiled a list of what its readers consider to be the top 20 systems. These are: Adobe Captivate Prime, Docebo LMS, iSpring Learn, Northpass, TalentLMS, The Academy LMS, 360Learning LMS, Litmos LMS, Thought Industries, eLeaP LMS, eFront, KMI LMS, Totara Learn, NetDimensions Talent Suite, Wisetail LMS, G-Cube LMS, Effectus LMS, Upside LMS, Learn Amp and Abara LMS.


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