Learning management system (LMS) producer, Create eLearning, has set out nine key things that HR professionals should know about today’s e-learning platforms.


According to Mark Taggart, Create eLearning’s CEO, “According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, the main reason for employee dissatisfaction and constant job hunting is a company’s lack of employee development efforts and new opportunities. Thankfully, e-learning platforms – also known as LMSs – can provide valuable and innovative opportunities for businesses to develop learning and development (L&D) programs for their employees.”


Mark Taggart. of Create eLearning.


Create eLearning believes that using an e-learning platform can benefit HR professionals by:

  • Improving L&D processes’ effectiveness

E-learning platforms are used to organize, manage and evaluate L&D programs. An LMS can enable HR professionals to create a training calendar, share it with their organization’s workers and allow them to decide the most convenient time to learn.


E-learning platforms also help HR professionals to assess workers before and after they study the relevant L&D materials. Mark Taggart commented, “An LMS centralizes your L&D programs by saving time, money – and a ton of effort.”


  • Tracking and reporting

An LMS provides reporting and tracking – to enable HR professionals to record the performance of all their organization’s workers in order to analyze the areas which need improvement – and to help  the HR professionals to correctly manage succession planning. This also helps with any records required for regulatory and compliance purposes.

  • The safe exchange of data

HR professionals need to distribute the same materials to different employees, or distribute different materials to the same group of people. An LMS allows them to upload, store and share documents, courses, learning materials, manuals and other relevant files with the appropriate employees.


The Create eLearning blog post sets out six other key areas where an LMS can help HR professionals to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. This post is one of a number of articles regularly added to the company’s website.


Mark Taggart added, “An LMS can make a big difference for HR managers in terms of time, effort and costs. According to the key industry website, eLearningindustry.com, with respect to perceived LMS features, the most valuable ones are testing features, training administration, record keeping, blended learning and tracking.”


The eLearningindustry.com website provides various statistics and facts about eLearning platforms.