Docebo, the Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), e-Learning solutions provider, has published aniOS version of its Docebo Mobile app.


This complements the mobile app forAndroid phones which Docebo published a few weeks ago. Both apps are ready to install from iTunes or the Google Play store.


The introduction of the iOS and Android apps into the Docebo Learning Suite helps all Docebo users to optimize their workforce mobility training activities.


These apps, published under the Open Source BSD license, allow companies and the consultants advising them to download the apps from GitHub, modify them and so create highly customized mobile learning projects which can be accessed by learners via mobile devices.


These learning projects, created via Docebo Mobile, can also be integrated into the organization’s existing apps and tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems apps. In addition, Docebo Mobile apps allow any learning project to be‘white labelled’.


“If organizations want to create an m-learning app from scratch, they can usethe Docebo software development kit (SDK),” explained Fabio Pirovano, Docebo’s Chief Technical Officer. For example, the original app can be used as a starting point to create app-based learning games using the Cloud Based Docebo Learning Management System (LMS) as a Mobile Education delivery server.


According to Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO: “The idea behind launching these mobile apps is that they will be extremely useful in helping an organization’s workforce to learn effectively wherever they are – even while they’re on the move.


“The whole process – now available for an extensive spectrum of mobile devices – allows a client’s workforce to access learning materials on a just-in-time time basis. And – importantly – the Docebo platform, the SDK and the mobile app can all be used at no cost, which is in-line with Docebo’s open source philosophy,” he added.


The original source code can be downloaded from the GitHub repository. The iOS and Android version is at:


To install the app on your iPhone visit iTunes:


To install the app on your Android phone visit the Google Play Store: