The Zurich-based travel retailer, Nuance, is using the Docebo Cloud SaaS-based e-learning solutions platform to centralize knowledge within the company and make it available as and when it’s required.


Nuance, which employs more than 6,100 people worldwide and serves over 31m travelling customers a year, operates retail outlets spanning more than 60 locations in 18 countries and territories across the globe. In addition to a number of duty and tax-free stores, brand boutiques and concept stores – covering some 73,000 square metres – the company also provides in-flight services and operates a wholesale and distribution business, supporting the travel retail sector.


According to Mario Pizzagalli, of iqons s.r.l., whom Nuance asked to source – and project manage the installation of – a suitable learning management system (LMS) for its ‘Learning Library Project’: “Docebo is extremely simple and intuitive both to install and administer and – importantly – end users also find the Docebo LMS easy to use. Moreover, we’ve found that Docebo’s standard of customer service is extremely high.”


In the past, Nuance had made many attempts to develop a single Learning Library and a unique knowledge repository. The result was that the knowledge and training material had been compiled in different formats, with different tools and stored in different repositories. Moreover, it was difficult to update all the different libraries and ensure that they all had the most current, appropriate information.


So the company’s HR department’s search for the answer to the challenge of minimizing training time and especially improving getting new staff ‘up-to-speed’ quickly led it – via Mario – to Docebo. Docebo’s LMS, which is available in over 30 languages, currently is installed in over 28,000 installations at Docebo’s 800 business-to-business (B2B) clients in over 80 countries.


Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo, commented: “Like many of Docebo’s clients, Nuance’s employees come from different countries – and work in a range of locations around the world. This makes organizing regular classroom-delivered training extremely difficult, labour-intensive and expensive.


“As Nuance has discovered, the more efficient and effective alternative is Docebo’s LMS, which helps build a single, always up-to-date knowledge repository and delivers its various learning materials online to learners around the world.”


Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.


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