Learning Light, the UK-based market analyst that helps organisations using e-learning and learning technologies to improve their business performance, has added a further 75 courses to its portfolio of e-learning materials.


These new courses, which cover health and safety issues, along with business development topics, have been developed by Safety Media. They are available, online, from the Course Wall on Learning Light’s E-Learning Centre website.


David Patterson, a Director of Learning Light, commented: “Since 60 to 70 per cent of all e-learning materials in the world relate to health and safety and/or compliance, these courses from Safety Media offer an excellent start to those wanting to establish – or augment – a corporate e-learning resources repository.


David Patterson, of Learning Light.


“In line with Learning Light’s ethos and operating policy, all these new courses meet the quality criteria encapsulated in the e-learning content evaluation tool (ELCET), developed at the end of last year by Learning Light in association with The Virtual College,” he added. “In our experience, many organisations have difficulty in specifying and procuring effective generic e-learning materials – hence the need for ELCET. And, since ELCET makes assessing potential learning materials for Learning Light’s E-learning Centre website much easier, it should also help anyone who has to evaluate e-learning materials for use in their organisation.”


All of the Safety Media courses are certified as meeting continuing professional development (CPD) criteria. Most of the courses are also approved by Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).


The Course Wall courses are provided in three formats: interactive courses; videos, and short videos. They can be completed in any internet-enabled location, using a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.