David Patterson, a Director of Learning Light, the UK-based world e-learning market analyst, flies the flag for the UK’s e-learning producers when he visits Barbados in November to deliver an address in the ‘Services in Action Annual Lecture Series’.


David Patterson, of Learning Light.


The lecture – on ‘The Future of Tertiary Education and its Impact on Economic Growth: the marriage between ICT and Education’ – marks the key event in the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries (BCSI) National Services Week and takes place on 11th November at the island’s National Bank.


An influential commentator and consultant in the e-learning and learning technologies world, David’s presentation, among other things, will draw on information contained in Learning Light’s major report on some the world’s leading e-learning markets – A Review of the e-learning markets of the UK, EU and China 2014 – published this summer.


David Patterson commented: “The Services in Action Lecture Series aims to create an annual national forum where leading thinkers and professionals discuss the challenges and share solutions for economic growth as it relates to Barbados’ service sector. It’s this sector which is the primary contributor to the island’s gross domestic product (GDP).


“The focus for this year’s lecture series is on changing the dialogue from merely ‘the cost of education’ to education as big business, facilitated through e-learning, as an economic driver for Barbados.”


BCSI is a business support organisation dedicated to representing the interests of the island’s service providers and the services sector. National Services Week, which runs from 8th to 14th November, is the BCSI’s flagship annual event, providing opportunities to tell the Barbadian public about the services sector and strategies to encourage growth in the island’s economy and businesses.


According to the BCSI, it hopes that the lecture series will encourage multi-sectoral dialogue and the formation of a national committee dedicated to ‘education as big business’. It is also hoping that the lectures will prompt a number of practical education-related strategies and solutions.