Learning management system (LMS) producers and vendors can now promote their products and services via eLearning Industry’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform.


The recently launched platform, which allows the world’s 1,230 or so LMS vendors to advertise their products and services online, provides targeted pay-per-click (PPC) internet marketing.


Christopher Pappas, the owner and founder of eLearning Industry, explained, “LMS vendors can use this PPC platform to reach the appropriate software buyers at the right time. In other words, they can generate traffic to their websites and get immediate results.


“Furthermore, the platform’s users can get a visual perspective of their PPC campaign’s activity – including how well it performed for their business on any given day.


“The platform’s in-built metrics allow LMS vendors to fine-tune their PPC campaigns to fit their needs.


“Notably, these metrics enable users to review how much their campaign actually costs. This allows them to quantify the results that eLearning Industry is bringing to their business.”


Christopher added that, unlike competitor services, which charge vendors, on average, some $2 to $25 per click, the costs of the eLearning Industry platform’s premium package start at 50 cents per click, for a monthly cost of $250 – in other words, some 500 clicks per month.


The eLearning Industry platform allows users to have a complete LMS product profile with full feature breakdown, product rating, and reviews, visible to thousands of eLearning professionals and companies.


In addition, the PPC platform allows vendors to:

  • Place their listing – hyperlinked to their target URL – in the position that reflects their bid. In other words, the higher the bid, the higher their position in the listings.
  • Have more control over how their money is spent through location-based bidding.
  • Track their campaign’s performance – that is, identify the conversions they’re getting from the directory – by enabling the conversion tracking feature.


“We believe that, via our PPC listing, LMS vendors will be able to reach relevant potential customers precisely when those customers are doing LMS software research,” said Christopher.


He continued, “While competitor services tend to adopt a general approach to addressing their clients’ needs by serving the largest possible audience – and, therefore, risk losing focus on who their business serves – eLearning Industry is an expert in the eLearning niche.


“We focus exclusively on eLearning professionals. We know exactly what their needs are – and we understand the value we offer to them by satisfying these needs.”


Christopher pointed out that, according to a report by the USA-based organisation, MarketsandMarkets, the LMS market is forecast to be worth over $7 billion in 2018, with most of this revenue being generated in North America.


The world-renowned LMS market commentator, Craig Weiss, CEO and Lead analyst of The Craig Weiss Group LLC, has recently reported that the LMS market is still expanding, with more vendors entering the space than leaving it.


Mr Weiss, who produces a ‘Top 50 LMS Report’ annually, claims to currently track at least 1,225 systems around the world.  As recently as 2015, Craig Weiss claimed that there were some 645 LMSs in the world, and some three years ago – at the start of 2014 – that number was just 582.


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