Spurred on by the story that David Patterson, of Learning Light, is to reveal the top three trends in e-learning in the UK at a seminar in Leeds on 30th March, I expressed the view (see ‘Learning Light reveals the current top three trends in e-learning in the UK’ below) that ‘my guess is that two of these trends are:

* A growth in ‘DIY’ in-house authoring by subject matter experts – via rapid authoring tools such as Articulate – is forcing ‘old style’ instructional designers out of work.

* The development of personalised/ contextualised learning is giving a boost to mobile learning technologies at the expense of ‘traditional’ ‘computer delivered’ e-learning.’


I was delighted to receive, via email, from Peter Styles, a Content Editor at Brightwave: ‘I think the Top Three e-learning trends will be:

1) measurement and metrics: Brightwave’s top priority – along with producing high-quality learning experiences – is to develop measurement tools and procedures to accurately measure learning and business impact.

2) a move away from ‘next button culture’ to more explorative portals.

This is examined in more detail here: http://www.brightwave.co.uk/brightideas-articles/learner-centric-design-a-new-frontier

3) peer group learning hastened by increasingly ubiquitous mobile technologies.’


Any more for any more? Email me your suggestions for the UK’s top e-learning trends at bob.little@boblittlepr.com