More than 50 commercial customers of Waste King – the specialist collection, clearance and recycling company based in Hemel Hempstead – are now using the company’s waste pods to segregate and remove their waste. This is in preference to using skips in which to put the waste.

A Waste King waste pod.


These Waste King waste pod customers are drawn from a wide – and growing – number of sectors. They include care homes, leisure centres and gyms; schools in both the public and state sectors; housing trusts, and ‘general tradespeople’.


Waste King’s managing director, Glenn Currie, commented: “A waste pod acts as a solid barrier, keeping the waste apart from the outside world. Each pod provides privacy and excellent security – since it consists of one solid sheet of metal that’s difficult to break or climb – and the pod can be customised in shape and size to each customer’s particular needs.


“In addition, Waste King waste pods can be used for almost all types of waste including electrical waste, TVs and fridges, plasterboard, batteries, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. And when it comes to waste storage and then recycling as much of that waste as possible, the waste pod is highly efficient and effective,” he added.


“Customers from a wide range of sectors are finding that waste pods are easy – and free – to install. In addition, they seem to meet our customers’ needs cost-effectively, compared with skips,” said Glenn.


Since the all the waste collected in the pod is segregated – and then loaded by hand into a Waste King truck by the company’s licensed and insured operatives – there is a much greater chance of recycling all, or almost all, of the waste collected. This enables Waste King’s customers to justify their claims about being ‘environmentally friendly’ when it comes to disposing of their waste.


“In addition to being the same size but appreciably cheaper than a skip, waste pods take up no more space than a car and fit more or less anywhere,” said Andy Cattigan, Waste King’s operations director. “Importantly, these containers are particularly helpful for customers wanting to get rid of such things as WEEE, plasterboard and hazardous waste – which can be difficult to dispose of safely and legally via other means.”